Tuesday, October 27

What Do Bookworms and Honeymoons Have in Common in Samui?

This may be the strangest question anyone has ever asked; but those who love books will also probably appreciate spending their honeymoon at a honeymoon resort Samui called The Library. With its scarlet painted swimming pool that may have been inspired by the main character from “Gone with the wind” all the way through to its luxurious hotels suite aimed at pure romantic indulgence, this is the perfect getaway for any newlyweds; book lovers or not.

Koh Samui is probably the most romantic island that one can step foot onto after spending several hours entertaining wedding guests; in fact even opting to say your “I do’s” at this breathtaking resort will only mean that your honeymoon will be even more elaborate and unique than most. The people of Koh Samui are true perfectionists and therefore guests will only find the best of everything from food to hotel staff every step of the way. This is one honeymoon destination that you will certainly not regret.

It is so important that one’s honeymoon resort Samui fully understands how important these first few days after your nuptials truly are; and that is why when choosing a honeymoon resort one should make sure that they understand what it means to you and your partner. Those who have full wedding packages will undoubtedly know how much work went into making your actual wedding day a success and therefore will go out of their way to create an environment that helps each couple establish a deep bond that will last long into their 50 or 60th wedding anniversary.

In fact, everything about this honeymoon resort Samui is 100% focused on giving guest and newlyweds a unique experience of the highest quality. For instance, their beach breakfast is not just a beach blanket and a few pastries in a basket; with this gorgeous hotel breakfast on the beach entails a pristine white soft mattress on the sandy beach with an array of delicacies perfectly positioned on a gorgeous tray that spans across the width of the mattress! Every second of one’s stay at The Library situated on Chaweng Beach, Koh Samui is encompassed with the utmost care and luxury one can buy.

To see what makes this the only resort to consider for ones honeymoon go to their website at http://www.thelibrary.co.th/tailormade-weddings.html and simply browse through their large array of options; rooms and activities. There is truly nothing that they cannot provide for their guests. Even those who think that Thailand honeymoons are overrated have probably never seen what this breathtakingly spectacular resort has to offer.

Plus, for those couples who feel that relaxing with a new book while lazing on the beach is a perfect way to spend their honeymoon; The Library really does have a fully stocked library where these couples can go and choose something to read at a whim. Why settle for anything except the best; no matter if one is a nerdy bookworm or a popular socialite; there is more than enough room for everyone in Samui.