Tips for Buying Jumping Castles in Sydney

Children are thrilled by the experience of a jumping castle. Colorful jumping castles with additional features can make children play inside it for hours. A jumping castle may be a family’s perfect investment for their little prince or princess who enjoys play. Jumping castles Sydney offers are many and vary a lot in their make. They include those for commercial, group or individual play. You might get mixed up when shopping for a jumping castle in Sydney. Whether for commercial or personal use, you want a jumping castle made of quality and durable material, having ample features and safety built into it. You need to shop wisely. This article will give you some tips you should use when buying jumping castles Sydney offers.

Jumping Castles Sydney

Size and use

The size you choose depends on the intended use. How many children shall be playing in it at the same time? How much space is available for the system? An 8 by 8 foot castle is ideal for one or two children. If the jumping castle is intended for indoor use, you might want to consider the short ones. This is because they will comfortably fit within the house. For commercial use, choose a castle with a larger capacity and a high ceiling to allow for maximum movement.

Age and weight limits

Jumping castles Sydney manufacturers rate their products based on weight and age of children who play in them. Small children between 3-6 years require small structures. Most jumping castles have a maximum age cap of 12 years. There are very few options for adults due to weight constraints.

Jumping castle features

The right features will make the experience more enjoyable for the children. Some features you can look for include drawbridges, turrets and a ball pit. Also, look for castles with sectioned-off play areas, flags on the top and the brightly colored ones. Safety is quite imperative when it comes to jumping castles. You should consider the range of features offered by the castle to make it safe for children. You may consider reviews of other users of the castle to gauge its safety. Safety features to check include secure tie-down, quality design for stability, soft floor, and safe materials (PVC-free and Phthalate-free).


Is the jumping castle easy to fill? A jumping castle loses value if it’s too hard to set up. A good castle should come with the entire system in place, including the blower to fill it and the house. However, some sellers will sell the accessories separately. A powerful blower takes less time to fill the castle.


You want value for the investment. You expect the jumping castle to serve you for several months before wearing off. This is, however, impossible without proper maintenance. Read through the manufacturer’s manual carefully regarding maintenance. The guide will give you directions on how to clean it and ways of mending it should it get torn.

With a jumping castle, you are sure that your children will have maximum enjoyment during their playtime. By considering the above tips, it is possible to buy an affordable and high quality jumping castle.

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