Tuesday, October 27

Three Qualities of a Good Computer Support Tech

The job description of a computer support tech may specify his set of responsibilities, such as testing, installing, maintaining computer networks and hardware and software system. However, the qualities that goes needed to deliver the job and excel in the field goes way beyond performing the tasks. Experts in computer support Perth has today share their insights on what makes a technician special. Here are three qualities of a successful support tech.
1. Commitment and Dedication to Solving Problems
Experts in computer support Perth has to offer believes that a technician must and should always be committed to looking different problems through their resolution. It only happens when customers are satisfied with the resolution – and the solution and they should always conform to the company’s policy.
Consider this scenario as an example:
A client reports a problem about a recently installed program in his computer. As a basic step in diagnosing causes of problems, the tech promotes the client from restricted user to full administrative access to his machine. This will give users the capability to run the program. However, the work order is still incomplete, as the company requires the user to only have restricted access. This will put the user under pressure to ship an urgent order, in which the tech supervises him to finish the order with administrative privilege. Techs that are not committed to solving the problem will simply close the work order and move on, which clearly violates the company’s security policy. A good support technician must be willing and capable of guiding and following clients in a step-by-step procedure of solving problems, and even pursue loose ends when necessary.
2. Ability and Willingness to Communicate
In most organizations, support techs are almost always the visible members of their IT department, as they are in daily contact with the end users. This is why support techs should always have good communication skills, as they are the intermediary between IT and their end users. Support techs will need to translate Tech-ese and Human, serving like an instant translator for end users to easily understand technical terms and procedures. This means a support tech should know how to listen to users, acknowledge their problems, translate people’s descriptions of the problem to technical terms, fix it, and explain the solution in a way that users can easily understand and perform.
3. Think Both Logically and Creatively
In the world of tech support, techs are trained to identify problems as stated by end users. Either they have memorized all the steps to address certain problems, or they have guidelines in front of them to help users with. Either way, the ability to think outside the box is as important as thinking inside the box. This is where a good balance of logical and creative thinking can go a long way. New problems may arise from time to time, a logical mind may have the solution for the problems that have come before, but a creative mind can find new solutions for new situations. Professional offering Computer support Perth has to offer believes that successful techs have a good balance of logic and creativity and have better chance to resolve problems. They make creative leaps in reasoning when logical solutions fail.