Tuesday, October 27

Things You Need To Do When Preparing For Volunteer Work in Bali

Volunteering in Bali is an extremely exciting thing to do. Halting everything in your life to go to a foreign country to volunteer your time and money is indeed rewarding. However, with so much to do it’s hard to focus on the things that will make your stay enjoyable and comfortable. It is okay to make your flight arrangements, get insurance and medical cover. But, what exactly will enrich your volunteer work in Bali? You probably need to learn and understand about the Bali people. This way you will bond easily with them and have a fantastic time. It will make your stay easy and comfortable. Planning for a volunteering travel is mandatory if you want the project to be successful. This article gives you some essential guidelines to use when planning for volunteer work in Bali.volunteer work

Learn their language

Being in a foreign country and knowing nothing about the local language can be a huge handicap. You become totally isolated since you cannot even communicate the most basic daily commands. To prevent this, spend time learning some Bali language before you go. You might also want to carry a small two-way dictionary. If you have a smart phone, you can download language translator application.

Learn the customs

You need to research about the local customs of Bali people. What is culture and religion? You might want to put this into consideration since you don’t want to offend anyone. For instance, Bali women are required to cover their shoulders and knees with special clothing when entering the temple. This will require you to carry the clothing when traveling. Also, try to find out the dressing code of the Bali people. This way, you can pack the appropriate clothes thus avoid unnecessary budgets.

Research about your volunteer agency

Not all volunteer agencies are genuine. While some are legitimate, there are a good number of scams. Some of the genuine ones, however, charge astronomical fees. If you intend to volunteer in Bali, you need to look keenly at what is included in the price. Which type of accommodation will you be set up in? What about the meals, will they be provided twice or thrice a day? If the agency uses a middleman, the charges might be a little higher. Agencies that don’t use middlemen can offer free volunteer sponsorship or at very low prices.

Connect with past volunteers

Look for people who have previously done volunteer work Bali. Ask them about their experience, what to expect, things to pack, what went well and what went wrong. You also need to find people who used your organization. Did the organization fulfill all its promises? And was the project successful? You can open the organization’s facebook page to find past volunteers. For instance if you are going to teach, ask how lesson planning is done in Bali and the supplies you need to carry. Additionally, familiarize yourself with the work you’ll be doing. Knowing beforehand what you will be doing in Bali will help you to prepare efficiently. If you will do orphanage volunteering Bali has to offer, you need to bring along some toys for the children. To know more about us, visit: VOLUNTEERING