Friday, May 29

Light Duty Trucks That Take You to New Heights

While UD Trucks Corporation is mostly known for the manufacture of quality heavy duty trucks, they have also entered the light duty trucks market through their Condor trucks. Condor is a light duty truck with a capacity of between 1.15 and 1.5 tonnes. While there are other manufacturers of light duty trucks, Condor is a particularly unique one because it is manufactured in thegemba spirit just like all UD products. The truck passes through UD’s value chain where all aspects of its manufacturing and distribution are aimed at providing a world class product.

The light duty truck has been manufactured to comply with Japanese standards on emissions. In fact, Condor emits 30% less gas than the recommended level. This is in the spirit of the company, where they aim to set the standards in the industry. It is also evidence of the company’s commitment to efforts to preserve our environment.

Through heavy investment in research and development, the company was able to produce truly fuel efficient light duty trucks that have a strong engine and emits little particulate material. The company achieved their compliance to emission regulations in 2010 by achieving better combustion and reduced friction by lowering engines compression ratio.

UD achieved high fuel injection pressure by introducing the common-rail injection system. Cleaner emissions were also achieved as a result of increasing the filter capacity of its diesel particulate and oxidation catalyst. Other changes that led to UD exceeding the standard include changing the transmission gears and the pistons.

Through its rigorous research and development, UD was able to come up witha Heavy-duty cab-over truck that is fitted with a durable chassis that has been proven to be reliable and long lasting. This Heavy duty cab over truck allowed greater maneuverability without compromising engine performance and strength. The truck is also constructed to eliminate vibration and also enhance visibility through a large-size front window. UD also improved the comfort levels in the truck by including heatproof ventilator.

While the strength of the engine has been kept pretty high, UD has ensured that the fuel consumption is kept low. The company also took into consideration its commitment to environmental preservation and conservation by ensuring that there is very little emission from the trucks. While one would expect that a truck that provides so many benefits to the user and the surrounding environment to cost a small fortune, UD has ensured that they have created the kind of internal efficiencies that will allow them to sell the truck at a highly competitive price.

The company believes in going the extra mile to create value for their customers, without necessarily increasing the cost of operations. Their spirit of going the extra mile enables them to offer their products at very competitive prices. The many years of experience in the truck manufacturing industry and their long-standing commitment to quality and reliability have ensured that the company continues to break new grounds in the innovation spheres. The company is not afraid to be a trailblazer, especially when it comes to new innovations.