Tuesday, October 27

How Long Will It Take You to Get First Page Rankings

If you consider that less than 10% of the searchers will proceed to the second page when looking for something online, getting to the first page of the SERPs becomes a matter of life and death for your business. But getting to the first page also takes time with consistent investments in your SEO Raleigh strategy. It is not going to be an overnight success but a painful and long-going process with some consistency. With the best SEO Raleigh SEO company, those investments are not going to be in vain and are going to count for something in your long-term SEO strategy.

This is where the difference lies between PPC and SEO Raleigh strategies and approach to online marketing. While PPC might easily get you instant results, it also depends on your willingness and ability to continually spend on your advertising. Besides, many consumers trust the organic search results that Google and other search engines deliver to them more than the PPC marketing.

With SEO Raleigh approach to your online marketing, you have to do everything right so that the Google algorithms can crawl your website a lot of times and deliver your website to the top over some time. The ranking is based on various complex calculations carried out by the search algorithms. It is generally said that not even the top executives at Google know the formula by which the search engine ranks websites but you can put yourself in its good books by embracing a clean and very consistent search strategy. A professional Raleigh search engine optimization company should be able to deliver the results to your website after a few months if they do everything right as far as SEO is concerned.

SEO companies generally do a comparison between your website and other top websites in your niche in order to see points of deviation and then rectify that to keep you up to speed with your main competitors. Professional SEO services generally apply strategy and then consistently adapt their strategy in order to enhance certain search signals in the overall strategy that might be underperforming or under-optimized in order to boost your overall website optimization. The most vital factor is to adopt the best practices that are used by some of the leading websites and then apply these with consistency in order to get you the best rankings. SEO, when professionally done, is not very easy. It requires considerable effort and investments on the part of the SEO company in order to get you to the top.

Website Quality is Key to Success

One of the key success factors when it comes to website optimization is the quality of the website. If your website is low quality in the eyes of the search engines, and you are not updating as often as it should be updated, then it is going to take time before it can get to the first page on SERPs. The opposite is true if you have a high quality website that is updated on a regular basis.


While an SEO company might be doing a great job in getting your website to the first page, it has no control over your competition. If you have many competitors who are taking up the entire first page, then you will have to outspend them in order to outsmart them in the first page of the SERPs. That might imply having a more intensive and sustained SEO campaign over a long duration of time.

SEO Does not Stop

SEO does not have an expiry date. In order to maintain the top rankings, you must always set aside a budget for SEO in order to maintain your top position. Check out chase marketing solutions for further knowledge or you may visiting us here at HTTPS://CHASEMARKETINGSOLUTIONS.CO/SERVICES/SEO.