Tuesday, October 27

Getting Ready for School Camps in NSW

Do you have any vivid memories of school camps? School camps in NSW can be considered a rite of passage; the memories can last for a lifetime and actually give you smiles and laughter every time you remember them. However, the thought of staying away from home can be overwhelming for children. They tend to be anxious about the unfamiliar setting of the camp, the sleeping place and even the food. While organizers of NSW School camps work tirelessly to ensure their camps are enjoyable and memorable, they more often forget to prepare their participants psychologically. As a parent or teacher, it is important to understand that the benefits a child obtains from a camp majorly depend on prior preparations. You should consider the following points as you find school camps NSW most unforgettable experiences.

School Camps NSW

Talk to your child

When the opportunity arises for school camps NSW can burst into partying. Many children are excited about the idea of school camps. However, it is important to find out what your child feels about it. Do they look forward to the experience? Do they have any fears? During this conversation you will discern of any mental obstacles or anxieties. Reassure them by narrating your childhood school camp experiences. By constantly communicating with your child, you will create a positive attitude that will make them anticipate for the day. Say things like “the challenges will be enjoyable” or “the camp will be fun”.

Consider past experiences

How does your child react to unfamiliar environments? How does he behave during sleepovers? If your child keeps calling you in tears in the middle of the night whenever he has slept over a friend’s house, a week long excursion might be too much for him to bear. What are your child’s needs? Does he eat only when pushed hard? Can he bath himself? If he is unable to carry out these tasks on his own, you need to gradually develop their level of independence before the camp date.

Practice independence skills

Your child might not have the skills in doing some household activities such as cleaning clothes and dishes, organizing clothes and making the bed among others. This activities should be learned prior to the camp as their might not be any aide to assist them. Allow them to make their bed several days of the week, let them wash their inner wares and cut out their fruits. Eventually, they will perfect these skills and bring them along to the camp.

Prepare a check list and pack together

Involving your child in a camp preparation will build their confidence and also help them take personal responsibility of their items. Asking them all the things they think are necessary to carry will also open up the conversation about their fears and will allow you to advice them accordingly. For instance, if your child is afraid of being away from his mother, you can suggest he packs his favorite family picture.

The school camps NSW provides, are once-in-a-lifetime experiences that a child can ever have. Preparing them through these few steps is the best way to remove any superficial worries or fears that may prevent them from reaping the benefits of a camp. To know more about us, visit: BUSHCAMP.