Questions to Ask When Consulting a Chicago DUI Lawyer

Driving under the influence is a serious offense in the city of Chicago. If you have been arrested for DUI charges, it is important to hire the services of an experienced Chicago DUI lawyer. Before selecting one to represent you, arrange consultations with a few potential lawyers. The initial consultations give you a chance to interview them and ask the right questions. Consider asking some of these questions.
What is your experience with DUI cases in my area? It is critical to find out how long a lawyer has practiced DUI law in the city of Chicago. When you are facing possible outcomes in your case like loss of your driver’s license, hefty penalties, increased insurance premiums and possible jail time, it is important to hire a highly experienced lawyer who specializes in your type of DUI case. This will assure you of getting reliable legal representation to help you get a positive outcome in the end.
Chicago DUI Lawyer
How strong is my DUI case? During consultations, you will want to ask a Chicago DUI lawyer to give you an honest evaluation of your case. The lawyer will assess the prosecution’s case against you and inform you of the best steps to take. If you are dealing with complex DUI issues like an accident you caused due to drunk driving, you will need the expertise of a seasoned lawyer to mount a strong case. You don’t need to worry about sharing information with a lawyer because they are bound by a strict code of ethics and confidentiality.
What legal options do I have? There are different legal options depending on the circumstances of your case such as pleading guilty and diversion programs. It is important to know that every DUI case is different in its own unique way. You should never expect specific options or results in your case based on the outcome of other cases. While a lawyer may use previous experiences with similar cases to determine the best course of action in your case, a thorough analysis is needed to identify the legal options you have.  Read more at Law Offices of Howard Wise & Associates.
What is your track record? Ensure that you ask lawyers about their win-loss rate when it comes to handling DUI cases. Be specific and ask them to show you records of similar cases they have handled. You want a lawyer who has an impressive reputation for helping clients get reduced charges, plea bargains and acquittals. Their record of getting positive results for clients in court should also be good, especially if you feel that your DUI case may go to court. Successful lawyers increase your chances of getting the desired outcome in your DUI case.
How much will my case cost? Find out how much a Chicago DUI lawyer charges and the costs expected in your case. Most DUI lawyers will charge you a flat fee or an hourly rate based on your type of case and their level of experience or reputation. Hire an established lawyer who charges fees that you can afford. Many of these lawyers are also willing to work out a payment plan during consultations. Getting the right answers to these questions will help you hire the most qualified lawyer in your case.

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