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The Hiroshima Yakei blog is a unique portal that gives readers a great mix of crafts and hobbies, toys and recreation as well as insightful online marketing articles designed to give you a bump and knowledge in your internet marketing ventures.


We are still a young website and our contributors are extremely passionate about bringing to you interesting article ideas that will put you on the edge of digital innovation. The articles are well researched and well written and our readers are guaranteed of fresh insights every time we publish something new.

The range of content is quite diverse and perhaps, it also reflects the diverse interests of our contributors and readers who are drawn from various industries. Find tips on the role of SEO in your business and how you can leverage it in order to dominate your online marketing niche.  You will get some good tips from Ardor Media Factory. If your business has been struggling to get noticed online, maybe it is time to start reading our blog so that you can make the right interventions with the right strategies that will create success.

We also cover a bit on wedding cinematography. Ever had a rough time figuring out who will film your weddings and capture those intimate moments? Head over to our weddings section and get some insightful tips from our expert writers.

Other areas which we cover include the party hire  services, online booking systems, jumping castles and how to procure the best in the market and tips on buying quality sterling silver jewelry amongst others. Feel free to subscribe to the Hiroshima Yakei posts and catch up on the latest content that we publish on the website.